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From: Tom Hathaway
10:37 am:

Dear Friend,

This could be the most exciting, important letter you'll ever read. Here's why: I am about to show you insider shortcuts, derived from the greatest money/sex/power discovery of all times.

Use these shortcuts now, and you can experience more wealth, romance, and happiness than you ever dreamed possible. Once you uncover these underground secrets, you will understand why priests, professors, and politicians are desperately trying to stop me from spreading this information.

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To begin, let me tell my own personal story and how I seized this power. ...Not too long ago, life was very different for me. I'm not proud of it, but,

I was a Complete Loser!

For as long as I can remember, my love life and my finances were horrible. I was always in debt and drove a beat up old Chevy Citation. I was nerd with no self-confidence, and never got any dates. (This is a true story) I started falling into a very deep depression...

The only thing I had going for me was my mind. I loved books and I was thirsty for knowledge. I wanted to know how companies make hundreds of millions of dollars! I also wanted to know:

What Makes Certain Men "Lady-Magnets"
(and Why Some Women Attract Nearly All Men!)

I started reading everything I could find on psychology, success, and personal development. Funny, but nearly every author claimed they had the one or two key concepts that lead to success and riches. I'd read one book and think I had the answer, but in the next book, a different concept was revealed that was supposedly the key to limitless success.

Eventually, I read and listen to hundreds of authors, and encountered a ton of key concepts, each one promising astounding riches and success.

After a while, I wondered - do success concepts really work? I've applied the concepts (goal-setting, hard work, etc), so why am I not successful? Then it hit me -- most of humanity is poor; only a few people become millionaires or billionaires. I figured that if success concepts really worked and are available to everyone in books, then why isn't everyone super successful?

It just didn't make sense, especially because the success concepts seemed to be correct. Frustrated, I let my dreams of success fade away and die. Until one day, when something amazing happened...

It Was Like A Miracle
From God Himself !

While surfing the web one day, I stumbled into a weird chat room. By total dumb luck, a mystery man from England appeared from out of the blue, and sent me the address of a secret website. He made me promise that when I achieved success I would reveal those same secrets to others. He gave me his phone number and disappeared. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the critical information from that website just months before it was removed. Guess what?

Attractive Women are Now Calling Me!
Money Flows like Water and
I Have the Power to do Absolutely Anything!

I couldn't believe it! The "mystery" of success had been cracked wide open! I'll tell you right now: The sad fact is that most people can never achieve success in today's world. So, if you haven't captured bigtime success, don't worry -- it's not your fault! Today's world is designed to bring you failure or mediocrity at best.

But with the secrets I'm about to show you, you will transcend the limitations that hold back everyone else. You will break out of the traditional world and enter your own world of power - honest, genuine power that generates riches while benefiting everyone else.

I don't mean anything supernatural here. But like Neo, (from the popular movie) you will be shocked when you see how you've been living in a world of illusions. I will show you these illusions so you can experience all the money, love, and power that is rightfully yours.

I made a promise to my friend in England to share this incredible secret with you. This is why I wrote this letter. I phoned my savior, Johnny the "Mystery Man", and said:

I'm Ready To
Reveal These Secrets NOW!

Together we formed a series of underground companies designed to expose these illusions and change the world, while delivering unmatched benefits.

The wait is over. We've put together something so controversial, so powerful, many are calling it "too powerful for the masses! " others say "the public shouldn't know this information!" But, we don't care!

This package will change your life, I absolutely guarantee it. If you want to experience immense wealth, personal power, and hot sex, read on. If not, please stop reading.

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You can even build your own empire with the right secret combination of knowledge. When you get it, you'll wonder why didn't you discover this before? (The answer is because, IT'S NOT FROM THIS WORLD!)

How to drain the power of anyone who dares try to deceive or cheat you! (You'll reverse the current of power and make them regret ever trying to rob you!)

Discover the true meaning of life! You'll be shocked at how simple but yet so profound the secret is! You'll instantly explode with MEGA happiness! (You'll wake up every day and bounce out of Bed!)

How to create tons of cold, hard cash like the giant computer companies. (It's up to you if you want to use this secret to create thousands or MILLIONS of dollars!)

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"I had no idea how many false ideas had been programmed into me since childhood. I feel more confident and powerful in my life now. I'm in control of my destiny, and looking forward to creating a life filled with value and purpose. Congratulations on making this product available to the world. I'll be recommending you to everyone I know! "

George Dimatteo, San Francisco, CA

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Anna Brookridge, Dallas, TX

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Andrew Jetter, Philadelphia, PA

"I have to admit that I was skeptical at first; but, I read a good good portion of your ebook this morning, and, quite frankly, I was blown away. It supplies a link that is missing from the literature and trainings out on the market. With all of the talk about "awakenings" and "awareness" you'd think that people wouldn't suffer so much from the "stupidness" diseases. But they do. I know I did. This is the product I have been looking for to assist me on this lifelong journey."

John Bedosky, Minneapolis, MN

This is Not a "Get-Rich-Quick" Scheme

Understanding these secrets may cause you to become rich, quickly and easily. But it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It's definitely NOT MLM (multi-level marketing), network marketing, a business/investment opportunity, motivational, or "new-age"!

Don't get me wrong -- there ARE valid routes to quick and easy wealth, and I'm going to show you one of the best ones (more on this in a minute). There are actually a great number of ways you can get rich. Every year many people become millionaires and many of these people are not too different from you. There's no reason why you can't do the same.

Even without knowing any specific ways to get rich, this package can increase your money-making opportunities tremendously. You simply need to learn this scientific knowledge that has always been out-of-reach for most ordinary people.

To understand this knowledge secret, pretend for a moment that you have access to a time-machine. You decide to travel back in time a thousand years to live in the past for a while. It is now the year 1004. Imagine what life is like with your knowledge beyond even the smartest, wisest people in society. You appear to be a super-genius with highly radical theories and advanced concepts, and you understand things that others cannot explain.

With all this knowledge at your fingertips, you could easily become wealthy or even famous. You could easily be a groundbreaking author, teacher, visionary, inventor, royal advisor, and other things. Dozens of new opportunities open up to you because your entire context of knowledge is highly advanced. Your chances of success are multiplied thousands of times over ordinary citizens.

With this incredible mind-power package, what you get is knowledge that is ahead of its time. It is alien -- unknown to most people today. ...Thus, it is like having knowledge from the future. Imagine how radically different your life will be with knowledge beyond even the smartest and wisest people of today's society! Like someone from the future, you will see things differently than everyone else. You will understand things that others cannot explain. This is how an entire world of new opportunities and riches opens up to you. These Mind-Power secrets multiply your power tremendously to use any and all existing opportunities. This is what you will gain when you tap into these secrets.

I know, it sounds too good to be true

I realize I'm making some big claims here. 99% of the time, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. But once in a while, amazing things are created or discovered. Think about the amazing things that we take for granted today, yet were considered "too good to be true" before they became widely known and accepted. Consider: the internet, computers, electricity, cars, airplanes, space travel, antibiotics, open-heart surgery, and this is just to name a few.

It just so happens that these secrets are based on a major, scientific discovery that will revolutionize the world! It can give anyone the power to experience happiness, love, and wealth -- the natural rewards of life that are available to all human beings.

The Power Trio

Yes, my life got 1000% better after getting help from the English Mystery Man. But it doesn't end there. The money/sex/power secrets are just 1 of 3 discoveries that changed my life forever! That's right -- I realized that I needed to...

Go Beyond Sex/Money/Power Discoveries

Yes, these Sex/Money/Power secrets will change your life forever and bring you undreamt beneftis. But...What happens when you just don't feel like taking action?

Forget about willpower! You and I both know that it's impossible to "force yourself" into success! There is a better way. Use it, and EVERYTHING becomes easy and as natural as pie!

This is my second discovery, and it totally synergized with the money/sex/power secrets. Actually, it was through those secrets that my path crossed with another world-changing visionary.

I gladly paid this mysterious, skinny man from Texas thousands and thousands of dollars to attend his multi-day bootcamps and learn his secrets. Why? Because this man finally discovered the core problem of consciousness!

Yes, he finally showed me the one thing that stands in the way of limitless success, and some amazing solutions! Best part: I got him to spill the beans: His most closely guarded secrets are finally exposed! Most of these secrets have never been revealed except in his multi-thousand dollar bootcamps!

Trust me, you are getting the most cutting edge thinking tools available anywhere! Get ready to learn:

  • An insider shortcut to seize control of an unstoppable force that destroys obstacles upon contact.

  • You can flood your mind and body with blissful, natural highs at any moment in time with this unknown method... You can override all other emotions and override any amount of pain or fear!

  • Discover a shocking paradox that reveals how all people (even terrorists) are motivated by the same thing. You'll be able to accurately predict everyone's thoughts and actions.

  • Learn why psychologists will soon be out of business. Your mind will be so powerful, the last thing you'll ever need is a shrink!

  • And much more!

When I started combining this new mental technology with my previous knowledge, my life exploded. I started bouncing out of bed at 5:00 AM. I couldn't sleep at night because I was too excited. Suddenly I had the power to do anything - even if I didn't feel like it at first. I acquired the almost-magic ability to instantly "wake up" and get "in the zone".

But this was only the second of my 3 discoveries. While learning this new mental technology in Texas, I met a man named Johnny from Canada. And quite simply, he taught me how to increase my wealth!

I quickly created thousands of dollars a month in new wealth, and you can do the exact same thing.

Can You Imagine an Automatic Cash Machine Pumping Money Into Your Bank Account
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Success principles are not enough! Don't get me wrong, it's crucial to make the mental upgrades... but that by itself won't make you rich.

With Johnny's secrets, you will actually learn the skills needed to quickly create thousands of dollars a month in passive (automatic) income.

Here's where the rubber hits the road. I'm serious. You either believe in yourself or you don't. If you don't believe in yourself, please leave this website immediately.

But if you do believe in yourself, you should be able to picture your bank account rising with fresh cash on a daily basis. I don't care if it sounds unbelievable. I'm just being honest and up front about what to expect from this system. Maybe you've been burned before on similar promises, but I assure you this is not a pie-in-the-sky program.

  • Not Stock-Market, Commodities, Real Estate or Any Kind of Investment
  • Requires Little or No Money to Start
  • No Experience, Higher Education, or Special Skills Required.

The #1 Secret Weapon To Making a Fortune!

You will learn, step-by-step, to seize control of the most profitable (yet easily accessible) skill that you could ever develop. Learn it and you could have...

One of the Highest Paid Jobs in the World!
You'll Enjoy Total Freedom to Live And Work
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I dare not give away this secret now. Those that obtain this package will silently create money and transfer more and more wealth to themselves.

You can do this kind of work anywhere: on a luxury cruise ship in the Caribbeans, on the beaches of Maui, in the 1st class section of a plane going to Switzerland or even in a prison cell! You don't need a computer. Nothing special required - just a few common, household items. It's not physical work. Anyone of average intelligence or above can do it.

You can choose to live in any country on the planet and have people line up to be your clients! My friend Johnny, from Canada, is living proof!

Johnny currently lives in beautiful Vancouver Canada. He enjoys life with his beautiful Swiss wife in a luxury 2 bedroom suite in downtown Vancouver. This year alone hešs gone on 7 international trips! He has clients all over the world that send him jaw-dropping royalty cheques each month! This could be you in 2 short months!

An exciting aspect of doing this kind of work is the mind-blowing residual income it creates! You'll discover how to get exciting royalty checks that keep coming month after month after month.

It's not Unusual to Make Anywhere From

$10000 to $100000 From

a single 3-week task!

Yes, it's really that profitable. After several years, many people in this line of work end up working just on a few assignments per year.

You might already have your own business. Then, this skill will make the difference between a 350% increase in profits or bankruptcy! It's your #1 weapon against all of your competitors! You'll be able to slaughter anyone, anywhere, anytime! No one will be able to compete against you and your business!

My Mega Money Discovery

By sheer dumb luck I met Johnny and he changed my life. He generously offered to show me his insane money-making secrets. My first consultation with Johnny cost me $300. Looking back on it, it's almost funny because I considered that a lot of money at the time. Fortunately, Johnny reminded me how much of an advantage it is to have POWERFUL information.

Johnny himself will not think twice about spending thousands and thousands of dollars to attend seminars, workshops, or whatever. That's a big reason he's so successful.

When Johnny offered to share more of his secrets in a MONSTER MONEY MAKING TELE COURSE, you better believe I jumped on the chance to get in at half price... only 600 bucks! This is a ridiculous bargain considering Johnny spent 7 years of research and $57,000.00 discovering and developing these super-profitable skills! This course will be one of my best investments of my life.

I know this to be true because immediately after the course, I began generating thousands of dollars a month in new income. No B.S.

A good friend of mine, Jim Davis, also took Johnny's tele-course. Sometimes Jim makes over $500 in a day with only a few minutes of effort. I swear this is true. And best of all, I know that we are only scratching the surface of what is possible. In fact, within a few months I expect to earn...

A 6-Figure per Month Income

I told Johnny "Listen, I've got to include your secrets in my package! This is something I'd really be proud to offer people." I want to go way beyond showing people the right mindset for success. I want to give them the actual skills that are used to make real money, as quickly as possible.

Johnny agreed. Now here's the good-news: Johnny recorded all the calls of his course. Yes, You'll get the all the recorded calls and the transcripts of this mind-blowing MONSTER MAKING COURSE! Johnny practically let me steal the course, (worth at least $1200), and include it in this package. It's crazy!

Imagine how powerfully you'll wield these wealth secrets when you combine them with maximum mental power. You are simply guaranteed to gain more money, sex, and power that you ever dreamt possible! Look, I'm not exaggerating here. This is what I sincerely believe is possible for you.

With Johnny's course included, I can honestly say this is the most valuable opportunity in cyberspace. Johnny will personally give you his hard-won, step-by-step secrets and will make getting rich a reality for you.

I'm sure you want to hear the details, but let me emphasize again just how profitable this kind of work can be. A few years ago, a friend of Johnny's did a single job which probably took him a month or so, and he had so many royalty checks coming in that he had to hire 30 people just to make his bank deposit! Can you imagine? It is of course, unusual to make that much money, but many people do earn hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars.

Johnny makes it happen for you...

  • Discover where 90% of your energy should go! This alone is a proven way to boost your income by 21 times! Imagine earning $1000 a month and then exploding to $21,000 a month!
  • Why understanding an unknown fact about porcupine's sex life will make your potential clients open their wallets wide open or even give you blank cheques!
  • Discover how you can use "Power Methods". This alone boosts your money-making abilities by 500%! Johnny shows you exactly how to do it.
  • The 30 "magic triggers" will blow you away! Your clients will send you check after fat check when you learn this.
  • Discover the 3 basic "elements" you need to combine for wealth creation. Miss any of the elements and you're doomed. Nail all 3 and youšve hit the jackpot!
  • The secret to crafting "works of art" that are more valuable than anything else to your wealthy customers. We're talking thousands of dollars in pure profits!
  • You'll shake your head when you discover the mind-blowing secrets that are jam-packed in each lesson! (And how you can use them in your own business to make a financial killing!)
  • Discover exactly how to wrap up each task with a simple technique that can boost profits by up to 47%!
  • What is the ideal temperature and music that primes your brain for fun, profitable work! (This will give you a 21% edge!)
  • Discover the fastest shortcut there is to world-class skills. This technique downloads the mastery right into your nervous system, just like in the Matrix! (This is the ultimate foul-proof way to greatness!)
    • You'll save tens of thousands of dollars and be light years ahead with this simple test that you must perform before deciding to do any project! This is the #1 secret to making an easy fortune, yet 99.9% of people miss this life-or-death step!

    Before I continue, I want to tell you everything you get when decide to seize this information.

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    You're Looking At Your Computer Screen
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    Now, I understand if you're skeptical... because the Internet is filled with scam artists, dishonest scumbags, and fly-by-night criminal operations.


    First: I don't hide behind a fake email address or any other address. I DO return phone calls (as time permits). I answer my email.

    Second: For your protection, I use ClickBank exclusively for all online transactions. Your credit card statement will show a charge from Clk*Bank.com

    This is the Most Powerful Information Ever Unveiled on Planet Earth!

    I want to share with you a tiny bit of info about the English Mystery Man, the guy from Texas, and Johnny from Canada. Who are they? How did they discover all these virtually unknown secrets?

    Well, these three men were blessed to have run into perhaps the most powerful man on Earth! That is no exaggeration I assure you! This underground researcher is so powerful that governments around the world FEAR HIM TO NO END!

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    Don't bother trying to find these secrets in bookstores, libraries, or schools, TV, movies, or the radio. They are essentially banned from all of mainstream culture. The chances to seize this information are few and far between. In fact, some people will do everything they can to shut down this website. There is a reason for this.

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